Q. What does THE GIFT OF CHRISTMAS cost?

A. Contact us with your call letters and city of broadcast license info, and we’ll let you know the cost and if the show is available in your market area.


Q. How long is each ‘hour’ of The Gift of Christmas?

A. Each hour is approximately 50 minutes long.  (The last song of Segment 2 of each hour is always an instrumental and can be faded if more break time is needed).


Q. How many commercial breaks are there?

A. Four per ‘hour’.  In other words, each ‘hour’ is supplied in four segments designed to put each break roughly at the quarter hour positions of the clock.


Q. How many times can I repeat the entire show?

A. As many times as you like in this calendar year.  For instance, you could run it as a series of one hour specials starting earlier in the month, and then three times (for a total of 30 hours) starting on Christmas eve.  It’s up to you!


Q. Do we own the show forever?

A. No.  You have broadcast rights to this calendar year.


Q. We have two stations in the same market.  Is there a deal for running it on both?

A. Yes.  Please contact us for details.


Q. Do you update the show from time to time?

A. Yes.  Every year, a set number of segments are transformed with new song and feature material to keep things fresh and interesting. We can tell you which segments those are to save you upload time in the event you already have last year’s program in your system.


Q. Is The Gift of Christmas really an award-winning show... or are you just saying that?

A. It won ‘Best Program’ at the one and only Canadian Radio Syndication Awards.


Q. How long have you been creating ‘The Gift of Christmas’?

A. Since 1978.  (42 years).


Q. How do you determine what songs to include?

A. Every year, we analyze dozens and dozens of station playlists from across the country to determine popularity and playlist acceptance.  Each song that we’re considering is awarded a ‘score’ in our database.  But we’re also not afraid to debut songs if we’re confident they belong on the show.


Q. How is ‘The Gift of Christmas’ different to other shows?

A. For one thing, the level of creativity in the skits and bits is unmatched by any other show.  And unlike many other programs, there is no host voice to grow tired of.  (Nobody wants to hear the same DJ for 30 hours straight!)