A. Contact us with your call letters and city of broadcast license info, and we’ll let you know the cost and if the show is available in your market area.


Q. How long is each IT FEELS LIKE CHRISTMAS episode?

A. The program body itself is 60 seconds.  Plus, there’s an 18 second long intro, and a 12 second long extro.


Q. How many commercial breaks are there?

A. Normally, you would probably do two.  Insert one commercial after the :18 intro, and a second one between the :60 program body and the :12 extro.


Q. Is it true that you can customize the singing part of the intro/extro with our call letters?

A. Yes.  That is an extra cost option.  It thusly sings as ‘It Feels like Christmas... on (CALL LETTERS)”.


Q. Once we buy the show, is it ours forever?

A. Nope.  It’s yours to run on one station in this calendar year.


Q. Can we run the entire batch of 75 shows more than once?

A. You can run it as often as you like in this calendar year.


Q. Do you provide any sales materials?

A. In addition to the audio demo above, we can supply you with a promo sheet with show graphics that you can customize with the exact sponsorship package you wish to pitch to potential advertisers.  We also provide 'Instant Promos' (just add your call letters and serve!).


Q. If we ran this show last year, are this year’s vignettes any different?

A. Yes.  And they will be for the next ten years or more.  (We have over 1,000 shows written, produced and ready to put into perpetual rotation.)